To overcome this global challenge, we need to go inwards

by | Apr 2, 2020 | Blog

The following article presents, in our own words, the highlights of a recent talk that Tony Nader, M.D., Ph.D., M.A.R.R. gave to the TM Community in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We hope you’re inspired to take action, prioritize your meditation, and do what you can to stay safe and settled during this time.

As a global community of people who value health, wellness, and inner development, we find ourselves in an unprecedented time in recent history – facing a pandemic that is disrupting so much about our lives.

For many, this pandemic is requiring us to retreat into our homes and rearrange our plans. For others, it represents a greater threat, compromising health and security. 

And for nearly everyone, it’s raising questions and concerns about the future. 

It’s natural to be concerned during this time, and it’s also natural to wonder what we should be doing to overcome this situation.

That’s why we have a very important message to share with you today: a practical, beautiful thing we can all do to bring our world into a healthier, brighter place.

Following your local guidance

The first thing we should be very clear on is that we all need to continue following the recommendations of our local governments and health experts – those who are knowledgeable about infectious diseases and who are working very intently to prevent further spread, and ultimately find the right treatment that will help us overcome the virus.

In some cases, it’s wise to be even more cautious than they require us to be, and to stay in our homes as much as possible during this especially delicate time.

At the same time, while we need to stay alert to these recommendations, we shouldn’t let ourselves be completely consumed by the situation.

When we do this, we panic, and aren’t able to see the full picture clearly in order to make the best decisions for ourselves and those around us. 

Nature is telling us to go inwards

Instead of dwelling on what’s happening on the outside, it seems that nature is telling us to do something different with ourselves: to use this time to go inwards.

While many of us are confined to our homes, we’ve been given a gift. With far fewer activities than usual, many of us have more time to meditate than we’ve ever had before. 

Maharishi taught us that when we meditate twice a day, we realize that life is more than just its constantly changing surface values: it is a deep ocean of pure existence, pure consciousness. At its very basis, life is bliss.

As people who have been taught the Transcendental Meditation technique, we have the most beautiful, practical tool available to go to the bottom of that ocean of awareness and experience this inner bliss.

We are so lucky to have this tool during this time!

So let’s be very clear: now is the time to use this tool, more regularly than we ever have before.

Now is the time to be completely regular with our meditations, morning and evening – to take extra rest when we can, and to be very attentive to our well-being on the most fundamental level.

There could be no better or more important time to take care of ourselves, and to focus on our personal development, than now. 

The world needs group coherence

When we take this time to do our full meditation program, morning and evening, we’re not only helping ourselves – we are also helping to turn this situation around. 

If you’ve been to a group meditation, you know there is a different quality to the experience. The effects of the meditation that you notice when practicing alone are magnified – it can feel easier and even more pleasant to transcend, and there is more positivity in the atmosphere.

This effect has been documented scientifically – it’s called the Maharishi Effect, and refers to the influence of coherence and positivity created by practicing Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi Program together.

At the moment, we can’t create this effect through in-person groups, due to the need for social distancing. However, we can sync our meditations with other meditators across the world, and make sure there is always a group meditating.

The Transcendental Meditation organization has carefully mapped these times for each region and is circulating these times given the great need in the world. (See our social media-friendly graphics below!)

By following these set meditation times, we can create the powerful wave of group coherence that’s needed to increase harmony in the world, find solutions, and overcome this challenging situation.

Use this time for inner development

So for everyone stuck at home, wondering what you should be doing for yourself and the world right now, the best thing you can do is to use this time to go inwards.

Let’s use this time to do our full program, morning and evening, to take plenty of rest, and where we can, focus on our health and our spiritual development. 

Seek out the times for your part of the world, and do everything you can to adjust your program so you can meditate in sync with everyone around you. 

If we can collectively use this period to tend to our inner development, we can together overcome this challenge – much sooner than we realize.

Your next steps

Join Dr. Tony Nader on Facebook  

Dr. Tony Nader recently gave a Facebook livestream to the general public about how we can best respond to this global pandemic, and is also hosting regular online group meditations on his platform. This is fantastic content you can share with your friends and family!

Find your global meditation time   

By practicing TM at the same time from our homes, we can create a powerful wave of positive influence to bring our world to a better, healthier place.

Meditators: Adjust your morning & evening meditation so you start your TM at the time for your region.

Sidhas: Adjust your morning & evening program so you “lift off” at the time for your region.

The following times apply to Daylight Savings Time in the Northern Hemisphere, Standard Time in the Southern Hemisphere.